What is E-way bill and is that Exempted for Jewellery Industry ?


As we all know the government has started the process of e bill so now we will understand what is e bill and exemption of e bill on jewellery so the process and procedural aspects for the movement of goods are given in the e-way bill rules.

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E-way bill means for Electronic Way Bill. It is a unique bill number generated for the detailed consignment involving the movement of goods. However, it is to be noted that the e-way bill application was deferred when GST came into being on the 1st of July, in order to give more time to the government, businesses and transporters to prepare for its full and final implementation.

States like Gujarat continued to have Form 402 in GST, and clear rules were laid down as to how to help businesses fill a GST Form 402 online till the implementation of the GST e-way bill is complete. The Government has come up with the concept of e-way bill to facilitate an easy transference of goods both in and athwart the states. The inter-state e-way bill was started on February 1, 2018.

For intra-state movement of goods, And, it is applicable to the goods whose value is more than 50,000 INR. Also, in the absence of an e-way bill, the transport of goods will not take place. Hence, the generation of an e-way bill for a smooth transportation of goods is compulsory.

However, E-way bill, an electronic bill for movement of goods that can be received on the GSTN (common portal) has been quite a challenge for the gems & jewellery industry. The concern surrounding this was represented by the GJF (all India gems and jewellery federation) to the Government. On hearing the concern, the Government has decided to exempt the jewellery industry from the e-way bill.

Goods on which E-way bill is not applicable

Some of the items of Mass Consumption has been kept out of the ambit of E-way bill which includes:

Fruits and Vegetables, Jewellery, Food grains, Meat, Bread, Curd, Books

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