Women injured in chain snatching bid


Two unidentified people, who came on a motorbike snatched a gold chain from women on Amarnath Avenue on Indore Road.

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The incident was reported at Amarnath Avenue on Indore Road, she lodges a complaint. In a complaint,  a resident of Amarnath Avenue on Indore road, she had gone to drop her kids to school bus point. After her kids went away, She was walking at a leisurely pace, when two youths on a bike accosted her. They tried to snatch her necklace.

she got hold of their hands. After pushing, she ran towards her house but slipped and she realizing that she was injured. They again tried to get hold of her necklace. she again raised an alarm.

Other residents of the colony came out of their houses to hear her screams and gave a chase to the duo snatchers. The Police officer said that an FIR has been registered and the investigation is underway.

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