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4 days after the body of a housewife Soumya was found at her flat at Erragadda, police on Saturday detained her paramour, Prattipati Prakash, and exposed that she was killed for her gold ornaments.

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According to police – Prakash, a native of Anantapur, was Soumya’s husband Nagabhushanam’s acquaintance.

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April 2 Around 8.30pm, Nagabhushanam, an engineer, left for work. A little later, Prakash comes at Soumya’s flat. He left his 2 mobile phones at his friend’s room to trick police.

After spending some while with her, he requested her to give her gold stuff to current over his economic problems. She, however, declined to give him the ornaments, mentioning similar problems. Soon, they got into a heated dispute.


When Accused realised he would get zero, he grabbed a rod and hit Soumya on her skull. After she fell insensible, he cut her throat with a shaving blade and burgled her gold jewellery.

Accused then poured sesame oil on the victim body, enclosed it with other clothes and set it afire. Before absconding, Prakash put her phone in the toilet flush tank. With a purpose to wipe out evidence, he switched on the gas knob even after being conscious that Soumya’s 18-month-old son was asleep in another bedroom. police said

Next day, he pledged the stolen gold stuffs at Muthoot Mini with the aid of his friend.

Nagabhushanam and Prakash both are friends and both are engineers.

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