Two arrested for stealing melted gold from a shop


VADODARA: At Shamadbechar ni Pol near Mandvi, Melted gold was stolen from a goldsmith’s shop the on 25 May. this gold was weighing around 2.7 kilograms. on Sunday Complainant Rani Jadav approached police station said that her family member and business partner Jitendra Jadav and his brother-in-law Akash Gadge had stolen the gold which was valued around Rs 55 lakh.

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On Monday afternoon Both were arrested by police but no gold was recovered from them.

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According to Police when Rani’s worker Hari unlocked the shop on the morning of 25 May, he found that melted gold in a drum kept on the third floor of the workshop was missing.  when rani went to check, she found that only 500 gram of melted gold was left out in the drum. police said that nobody had break-in into her shop from the main door therefore she was doubtful that someone stole the gold through the window which unlocks into the terrace of the neighbouring building. The owner of neighbouring building is Gadge.

On checking on the roof of that building Rani found some marks of gold. when she check CCTV footage which was installed outside her shop she found Gadge and Jitendra were seen moving around the shop between 11 pm on previous day and 2 am on 25 May.

The case was registered at the late night of Sunday.

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