Three youth arrested for snatching 82-year-old woman’s gold chain


Police arrested three youth for barging into the house in a chawl at Jogeshwari (east) and snatching an 82-years-old woman’s gold chain.

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According to the Meghwadi police, the incident happened when the victim Sudha Heghist was alone at the house on 26 December. The burgles did not steal her bangles which were imitation jewellery.

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Police arrest trio Kiran Kargutkar (24), Prathamesh Nigarke (21) and Nikhil Tamhankar (19) after locals identified the sketches. The accused were seen roaming near Sudha’s house before the crime.

Mastermind Kargutkar planned the crime and informed his partners when the victim would be alone. Kargutkar also told his accomplices not to waste time robbing the bangles as he was aware, they were not made of gold.

Police said, the two-youth barged into the house and Kargutkar kept a watch outside. Neighbours were alerted when the Sudha shouted but the gang had fled away.

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