Three snatching incidents reported in Chennai


CHENNAI: In spite of more CCTVs being installed to reduce the incidents like gold chain and mobile snatching, there is no end to the threat. 3 such incidents were stated from city outskirts on Monday night and it is alleged that same bike-borne duo was involved in all of the cases. One of them was detained and search is on for others. In the 1st incident, 30-year-old T Manoj Kumar of Ambigai Nagar at Ayyapakkam was talking on mobile near the compound wall. A man jumped wall and snatched his phone.

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In the second incident, 29- year-old P Menaga of Annanur, near Ambattur was feeding her baby in the hall, when a man entered house and snatched her 6- overeign chain around 10.30 pm, police said.

In the 3rd incident at around 10.45 pm, 64-year-old M Sulochana of Annanur was talking on phone seated in the front portion of house. A man jumped over compound wall and snatched her mobile phone and escaped. Sulochana’s neighbors caught 1 of suspects while the other escaped. The suspect was 19-year-old H Babu of Avadi who already has 3 snatching cases against him

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