Three miscreants held for planning theft


Police nabbed three criminals from near Piplani petrol pump and claimed that they were planning a robbery in the nearby area on Thursday.  Police have recovered valuables worth Rs 1.75 lakh from their possession; nabbed accused confessed 12offences in Piplani and Ayodhya Nagar police station areas.

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According to the police, based on a tip-off three persons were nabbed from abandoned BHEl quarter near Piplani petrol pump. The three were identified as Lakhan Shakya (26) of Sehore, and Mohammad Sameer (21) of Nishatpura and  Surendra Dangi (27) of Sehore. They confessed thefts in Piplani and other areas.

During the search, police seized iron rod, screwdriver and bike when they were nabbed and later in the search of gold and silver jewellery, one LED TV, one wristwatch and one set-top box were recovered. The valuables recovered were worth Rs 1.75 lakh from their possession.

The accused told the police that they were planning theft but were nabbed before the crime and accused told that they would look out the vacant house and would target the houses late in the night.

After the preliminary examination, the police have registered a case. Nabbed accused have past miscreants record and a warrant is unresolved against Surendra Dangi.

Police said more recoveries would be complete in the further investigation. The detail of the discarding of the valuables is yet to be found and would be examined. Those involved in helping in the disposal of the robbed valuables would be investigated.


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