Theft cuffs on Bengal labourers


Keonjhar: On Tuesday, the police arrested five migrant skilled labourers from Bengal for committing a series of burglaries in the past two months.

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The police said a revolver and live bullets were seized from them. They did not have any licence for the country-made gun.

The offenders were skilled labourers having expertise in masonry, plumbing and laying of marble flooring and they were all from Murshidabad district of Bengal.

The offenders had committed nine house robberies in the recent past, said inspector of Keonjhar Town police station.

Police are being questioned. The suspect the involvement of more people in the gang and police are also observing into the source of the finding of the revolver and the bullets.  Police are trying to contact the Bengal police to find out their criminal antecedents.

The police said, the accused used to select houses for committing theft and burglary after sunset.

After the close of their day-time construction work, the criminals used to roam around the town on cycles to earmark houses at deserted places for committing the crime.

The police have been recovered some of the stolen articles from them are laptops, central processing units of computers, electronic items and gold jewellery.

They had planned to take a break from work next month to go home to sale the loot, the officer said.

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