Teen boy stole gold to undergo sex change operation


Teenage a time when most of us have no idea that what we want to become, teenage is a time when many ideas come into the mind of a teenager sometimes these ideas took them to the right way and sometimes to wrong.

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a teenage boy who is a student of class VIII stole gold from his aunt because the boy was supposedly impressed by his aunt’s lavish bar dancer lifestyle and want to get a sex change operation to get work in bars as a bar dancer like her aunt.

this incident took place on August seven when his aunt from Mumbai comes to meet them in Nagpur with the gold to deposit in the bank locker according to police “the boy was impressed with the lifestyle of her aunt when he visited her home.”

after escaping from house, he contacted Rehana Dhanawat according to the information Rehana is also a bar dancer, she told the boy that she will help him in his surgery.

police have arrested four for prompting the teenager for the crime, after finding him he was shifted to a government shelter home. during the investigation, his close friend told police about his aspirations to a rich lifestyle. after this, the intention of a teenage boy to have a sex change operation get known by police.

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