Son of UK based businessman Arrested for gold theft


On Friday 34-year-old engineer son of U.K based businessman was detained in connection with the burglary of gold ornaments worth Rs 2.5 lakh from two city stores in the month of January.

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Prabhu Kanakarathnam was detained by Jayanagar police who were lying in delay along with members of the jewellery association, who were able to recognize him as the committer of past crimes. Police had spread his photograph among jewellery store holders.

Prabhu from Yelahanka New Town was an accused of committing theft in 2 jewellery stores in  Malleswaram and Jayanagar in the month of January. 2 Reports of robbery had been filed against him on the day of 12th January. Accused would pose as a purchaser in stores and make off with the jewelries.



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