Silver Jewellery stolen from a temple


Surat: an unknown person stole silver jewellery worth Rs 75,120 from a Jain temple. The thief stole the jewellery after temple opened in the morning hours. A 30-year-old man in a blue shirt and a  blue cap was booked for burglary the jewellery from Kalyannath Jain Derasar at Nanavat.

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In the CCTV footage police found a man entering the temple and stolen over 2.5kg of silver jewellery of different idols.

The burglary occurred at the time when no one is in the temple, police have recovered the CCTV footages and said will arrest the burglar soon. cops suspect that the suspect was wearing a  blue cap to hide his face. His face is noticeable in a few images. cops have shared pictures of the suspect with different police stations.


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