Priest arrested for stealing gold ornaments from Swaminarayan Temple


Police have arrested a priest for theft of gold from a God’s idol in Swami Narayan Temple, which is located in Malad West. The arrested accused identified as Sukhdeo Rohit (32) of Rajasthan.

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Police source said that there are several cases registered against him at Pune, Mumbai, Kolhapur and various districts of Gujarat.

He does a complete recce before committing the theft and selects the temples where devotees donate offerings in gold and silver.

Then, he starts talking with the trustees and other priests of the temple trying to win their confidence and then makes them trust that he has no interest in money except for peace and prayers.

He asked them if he can work in the temple and they allowed him to stay. He worked for two months and gave them no chance of complaints. One night, when everyone was asleep, he went stole all the gold ornaments and fled.

The police  procured the CCTV camera footage installed inside the temple and identified Rohit who was seen theft the  gold ornaments. Then, a case was registered against and started an inquiry, police said.

Police started watching out for more details on the accused and they found several other cases registered against him. Then, police tracked down his location and arrested him from Rajasthan.

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