Police hope to arrest Dhoom-inspired chain-snatchers soon


MYSURU: The opening sequence of 2004 Hindi hit movie ‘Dhoom’ is an adrenaline-packed heist, of which the best part is fast bikes that burgles speed off after performing the job. A cop, analyzing the crime later, facts out that the burgles are choosing their targets on the highway, which serves the extra purpose of a readily obtainable escape route. It has been fifteen years since the film captured the mind of Hindi cinema fans, but a gang of chain-snatchers in Mysuru appear to have drawn motivation from the antagonists of the film – soon after robbing women, mostly elderly women or middle-aged, the chain-snatchers, police suspect, are escaping the city on pre-designated routes.

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Determined to put an end to the chain-snatching menace – 7 incidents were reported in 1-day last week – police – Mysuru city have stepped up hard work to arrest these miscreants. A careful study of the recent occurrences has aided police identify the ways that the criminals have been taking to escape from the scene of wrongdoing.

Among the likenesses that cops have thus far noticed in the thefts are the ease with which the burgles are fleeing the city, the time of day when they attack – either morning or evening – and their targets. On Thursday, reports of 7 women being robbed of their gold junks, 5 of whom were steal from in a span of 90 minutes.

City police suspicious the involvement of the infamous ‘Irani Gang’, a band of thieves hailing from Maharashtra who have struck in many districts in South Karnataka. “These wrongdoings were pre-planned, and seem to be the handiwork of an organized syndicate. The only gang notorious for thefts is the Irani Gang.

According to the Police, the gang had spread its tentacles across the South India. Members of the gang are characterized by their solid physique and their rash attitude. Recently, they have been found guilty of participation in cheating cases, and robberies.

Following the serial chain-snatching occurrences, city police recovered closed circuit television (CCTV) camera from ten different sites. However, police have not been able to definitely identify the criminals since they were put on helmets. The first incident reported on Thursday and was recorded on a camera.

City police have busy 200 cops for the express resolution of limitation more such incidents. A series of sites have been recognized where vigilance has been stepped up, with staffs being asked to keep a close watch on youths found to be moving in a doubtful manner on bikes. While police are confident of catching the miscreants, they have asked inhabitants to be on their guard and avoid wearing luxurious ornaments in public.

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