Petrol and diesel rates cut for 13th straight day


Petrol prices were cut for the 13th straight day on Tuesday. Petrol became cheap by  20-21 paise across all the major cities and diesel became cheaper by 7-8 paise per litre.

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Petrol prices were cut by 20 paise a litre to Rs 79.55 per litre while diesel rates were cut by Rs 0.07 to Rs 73.85 a litre in Delhi.

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In Mumbai, petrol prices at  Rs 85.04 per litre after a cut of 20 paise and diesel at Rs 77.32 per litre down Rs 0.08 respectively.

In Chennai, petrol being sold at Rs 82.65 per litre while diesel at Rs 78 per litre.

In Kolkata, petrol and diesel prices at  Rs 81.43 per litre and Rs 75.63 per litre respectively.

While petrol touches a record high of Rs 84 per litre, diesel prices at Rs 75.45 a litre in Delhi on October 4. On that day, the government decided to cut excise duty on petrol and diesel by Rs 1.50 per litre each and asked state-owned fuel retailers to subsidise by another Re 1 a litre.

The retail selling prices of petrol and diesel are dependent on international prices fuel and the rupee-US dollar exchange rate. This is because of a large proportion of the country’s requirement is met through imports.

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