Manager steals 58 kg gold from his own jewelry showroom


Aurangabad: 3 people, including manager of showroom of a jewelry store, were detained for stealing precious gold weighing around 58 kilogram in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad, police said on Thursday.

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The occurrence occurred at a branch of the reputed jewelry store Waman Hari Pethe, located in the Aurangabad’s Samarth Nagar.

Manager, Ankur Rane, committed theft from showroom where he was posted as a manager, with help of 2 others named Lokesh Jain and Rajendra Jain.

A case has been listed against accused at Kranti Chowk police station and all 3 have been detained.

Earlier in the month of April 2019, 2 staff members of a leading jewelry store were detained for stealing around 2 kilograms gold in Chennai’s T Nagar area.

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