Man arrested for stealing gold


On Sunday police detained a Dahisar resident for stealing gold valued Rs. 43 lakh from his partner, within 48 hrs of the crime reported.

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Police said, the criminal and the victims worked together on a profit-sharing basis and were managing a gold jewellery manufacturing business in Dahisar for the last 2 years. The cops have withheld the name of the accused.

On Thursday night The cops said that the criminal shut down the business for the day and left with around 1.5 kg of gold and went out of touch. The victim tried reaching him many times and when all efforts failed, on Friday he registered an FIR with the MHB Colony police.

Police started investigations into the case and, with the complainant’s help, identified the criminal’s family members and friends with whom he was in touch. We then in progress inspection if the suspects had visited or communicated any of them over the last days, using human as well as technical intelligence.

According to officers, On Sunday morning the multiple teams chased the actions of the suspect, till accused was picked up near a  garden in Dahisar. The cops went on to recover all of the stolen gold from the accused’s friend. They took accused under arrest.

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