Identified by the selfie, Thief arrested


Police arrested a thief on Wednesday, identifying him from a selfie by a goldsmith who took a shine to the rogue in a Tasmac bar on Tuesday night, The City police nabbed a thief within two hours after he stole a gold bar.

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The police said, a goldsmith living in Nainiyappan Street in Sowcarpet. with a bag containing 301g of gold worth 8.8 lakh. They have a drink together,” he said. “Hemanth had work to do but the man sweet-talked him into accompanying him into the bar attached to the liquor store.

Hemanth whipped out his cell phone and insisted on a selfie the stranger near the liquor outlet.  The officer said, the goldsmith had placed the bag on an empty chair that he drew close to himself so he could keep an eye on it, but it was only several minutes later, when Karunakaran failed to return, that he realized the bag was missing too. Sober in an instant from the shock and lodged a complaint. Police arrested Karunakaran a few hours later and seized the stolen gold from him.



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