Gold valued Rs 33 lakh seized at Mumbai airport

On 18-Feb-2018 custom officers of Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport arrested 2 peoples one woman along with one man as said they were trying to smuggle 1200grm gold of rs 33 lacks the man was coming from Tokyo and woman was joining from Dehli, the man handed over the gold to the woman who had boarded the flight at airport in Delhi. According to them, it was Tokyo Mumbai flight by Dehli.

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The Air Intelligence Unit had specific input that a person that a person coming from a flight from Tokyo had gold with him and the name of a person is Vicky Dodeja when the flight arrived custom officers take him to custody and search him and of his baggage revealed nothing incriminating.
Officers suspect that someone has helped him, officials another passenger named Neetu Rohra who was on the same flightwhen she was examined by officials found gold is carried by Neetu. Officials seized all gold she has carried with her. All gold is 1200grm and valued rs 33 lakhs.
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Rohra stated the officials that she had collected gold bars from Dodeja in the flight and had hidden it in her body and undergarment. Case comes under violation of the Customs Act, 1962


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