Gold seized in 3 different cases at Indira Gandhi International Airport


Customs Department arrested four persons at Indira Gandhi International Airport in three separate cases on Wednesday.

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In the first case, a South Korean national was stopped after arriving from Seoul. A detail personal and luggage search of the passenger, seized 4 gold bars hidden in a zipper-belt bag that he was wearing.

In a similar case, on January 3, when a South Korean was arrested with the same quantity and on the same airport.

In both cases, four gold bars weighing 4kg, worth over Rs 2.6 crore were being smuggled.

In the second case, two Indian men were arrested after arriving from Dubai on the same day.

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Customs officials said that the accused were carrying out gold in the form of cylindrical rods, which were painted silver before being hidden in a torch. The market value of gold about Rs 84 lakh and weighing 2.6k was seized.

In the third case, a passenger was intercepted after arriving from Riyadh on Tuesday. A total of 15 gold pieces were seized from him.


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