Gold seized at Amritsar airport, 2 held


On Sunday (AIU) The air intelligence unit of the customs seized 1.214 kg of gold worth Rs 38.15 L from two travellers who arrived at Amritsar’s Sri Guru Ram Das Ji International Airport in separate flights, according to officials.

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In the first incident, a traveller coming from Dubai in an Air India Express flight was stopped by the AIU when he crossed the green channel without stating any dutiable item. On checking, it was found that the traveller was hiding Rhodium coated raw gold, weighing 299.5 gm valued around Rs 9.41 lakh. The valuable gold was seized and the flyer arrested.

In another incident, a traveller coming from Delhi in an Air India flight was stopped and on his check, the officials recovered 24 karat 12 gold biscuits. The gold weighing 914.40 gm and valued near Rs 28,73,959, bore foreign marking. The gold biscuits were hidden in his socks.

They both are arrested but Officials didn’t disclose the names of the accused.

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