Gold pipes, bars concealed in roller skates, underwear seized at Mumbai airport


In two separate incidents, Customs seized crude gold pipes hidden inside roller skates and gold bars hidden in undergarment at  Mumbai airport from two Indians upon their arrival from Riyadh and Dubai.

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Another person was arrested was waiting at the arrival hall of the airport to collect the consignment was arrested in one of the cases.

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The customs officers said that one of their teams who flew from Riyadh in an Air India flight earlier this week.

Checking his in luggage contained roller skates. Our men suspected that something was wrong. They dismantled the skates and found the cylindrical pipes, which seized the wheels of the roller skates were made of gold.

8 pieces of crude gold rods and as many pieces of hollow cylindrical gold pipes were recovered and weighed 825 gms and were worth  Rs 23.30 lakh.

In another case, 15 gold bars weighing 1,750 gm, were seized from Kounain Mohammed Khan arrived from Dubai in a SpiceJet flight on Wednesday morning.

Kaunain was carrying the bars in his undergarment.  His interrogative controlled the AIU officers to Sayed Sultan Ali, who was waiting in the arrival hall to collect the consignment. All three were arrested for further investigations.






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