Gold Ornaments stolen from jewellery store


The incident is of  Ettayapuram in Tuticorin district of Tamil Nadu here burglars broke into a jewellery shop on Wednesday night and robbed 25000 cash and jewellery around 60 sovereigns. the theft incident occurred at the store of A Shankaranarayanan, 55, name as Arumugam Jewellers.

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The burglars enter the shop by breaking up the shutter and a metal gate. they stole all the jewellery and cash from the drawer after that, they also tried to open the iron safe but they fail.

The theft comes into light when the owner’s son Palpandi comes to open the store on Thursday morning and found the main metal gate broken and jewellery and cash missing. he informed police about the incident, police have registered the case and the investigation is on.

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