Five raid house, loot gold and cash posing as I-T officer and policeman


CHENNAI: On Monday 5, peoples, who posed as officers of income tax and a policeman, directed searches and stole 15,000 in cash and 50 sovereigns in Kancheepuram. T Saraswati lived with daughter-in-law and her son Kumaravel, 30, and at Indira Nagar in Kancheepuram. “On Monday morning, her son and his spouse left home by 4 am to attend a function while she alone stayed back.

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30 minutes later, 5 peoples, of which 4 of them describe themselves as income tax officers and another person describe him as a police officer they said Saraswati they had come to conduct raids at her residence as they got a information that the family had black money.

They conducted raid for about 60 minutes and found 15,000 in cash and 50 sovereigns of gold and in the residence. they told her to come with her son to the Income-tax office at 11 am for investigation.

Later, she told the complete incident to her son and they both reached the income tax office only to find that they were cheated.

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