Ex-policeman sentenced to 5-year imprisonment


Madurai: on Friday A court in Kovilpatti, sentenced an ex-policeman to 5-year imprisonment for the case of robbery six years back.

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The fired policeman, named B Kaveri Manian, 33, had 3 cases against him for robbery in the year 2013. He was also fined with a penalty of Rs 1,000.

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Manian, in the year 2013, was employed as a policeman at Kovilpatti West station. During this time, when one Senthil kumar from Bharathi Nagar in Kovilpatti, along with his relative named Selvi, was travelling on a two-wheeler on the bypass road, he was stopped by Manian and his partners. They snatched a 2-gram gold chain and a 2-sovereign gold ring from them.

According to the information the accused was also involved in snatching 11.5 sovereigns of gold chains from 2-women, who were on a trip from Kalugumalai to Irukkankudi Mariamman Temple. In another case in Kovilpatti, accused snatched a 1-sovereign ring from one Muruganantham, who hailed from Kayatharu.

Following this, the accused, along with his partners, Ganesan, Venkatesh, and Sudalaimani were detained and Manian was also fired from his job. On Friday, when the case was heard in the cout for snatching jewellery from Selvi and Senthilkumar, Manian was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment and was fined a penalty of Rs 1,000. He was acquitted of the other 2 charges. He was taken to central prison at Palayamkottai. His partners, however, were released after the hearing.

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