Daylight robbery shocks Prem Nagar, Three posing as cable men loot cash, jewellery


Ludhiana: Three robbers entered a financier’s house in broad daylight on the basis of checking cable TV box at Prem Nagar in the Islam Ganj area on Monday and robbed jewellery. The thieves robbed about Rs 8.5 lakh and some jewellery.

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According to the financier’s wife, Lalita, someone knocked the gate in the afternoon. When her daughter opened the gate, three youths were standing outside. One of them, who was carrying a black bag, told her that they had come to check the cable TV box. After saying this, they entered the house. After entering the house, they sprayed something on the financier’s wife and his 8-year-old daughter. A robber attacked with an edged weapon, injuring her fingers.

Thieves came out of the house, the woman regained awareness and raised the alarm. Meanwhile, neighbours collected there after hearing the woman’s cries. As they chased the robbers, one of them threw the bag containing Rs 8.5 lakh on the road.

However, they took away the jewellery, a gold chain, a ring and other items. After gathering information, the police rushed on the spot and started an enquiry. The police recovered the bag thrown by the thieves on the road.


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