Couple involved in serial robberies held

3 arrested for snatching jewellery, phones

On Thursday, Nalgonda police detained a Bangalore-based couple, Mohammed Feroz and Sara Fathima, in connection with robberies in the residential colonies of the town.

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They were stopped in regular police check on Narketpally-Addanki State Highway, they were riding a motorcycle without the registered number plate. And details disclosed by them were uncommon and suspicious, police said.

According to Nalgonda police, their description – “a man and woman in burqa on a motorcycle without number plate”, was close to complaint filed last week.

On 12 November, Manchukonda Sudheer Kumar, a resident of Marriguda, reported that their residencese was burgled and robbers escaped in front of their eyes, when they were returning from Karthika Purnima rituals at temple.

Reports revealed by DSP, who presented the detained before media persons on Thursday, 32 year old said Feroz, was involved in several house-breaking and the chain-snatching thefts, as found with Saroornagar police. He had also served a Preventive Detention order in Hyderabad in the year 2015.

A car driver in Hyderabad, Feroz, along with his wife named Fathima, police said, agreed to have committed 9 events of theft in Nalgonda, which involved 10 tola gold made ornaments and rs 1.6 lakh cash. They carry just screwdriver and rod and target the locked houses, mostly during the day.

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