Cook arrested for stolen valuables from Brijesh Patel’s house


Bengaluru: Police nabbed an employee working at the residence of former cricketer Brijesh Patel for allegedly stolen about 20 kg of silver worth 8 lakh, diamond ornaments and other valuables.

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The arrested suspect has been identified as Mangal Bhai Thakur, who was working as a cook and help at Patel’s residence. The accused caught from Gujarat. police are now on the lookout for Mangal’s partner. The case was filled by Patel on December 3, 2018.

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According to the police, Mangal had gained the trust of Patel’s family had started theft valuables about 2 years ago. Mangal allegedly stole silver valued at 8 lakh, one diamond and pearl necklace valued at 1.1 lakh, US dollar worth 1,500, one diamond set worth 9 lakh and a designer hand purse valued at 2 lakh. The stolen articles are worth around 21.22 lakh, police said.

Brijesh Patel lodged a complaint after losing a silver tray gifted by a friend. He found that several other articles were also stolen and prompting Thakur to escape. Police arrested Mangal and recovered around 4.5 kg of silver.




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