Chain snatcher fires at police, flees


LUCKNOW: On Saturday night A man involved in many occurrences of chain snatching opened fire at a team of police on being stopped near Patrakarpuram crossing late. Police have lodged a case against the unknown suspect who fled.

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According to a police official, the accused had been marked in CCTV footage of two chain snatching occurrences last month. a police team deployed at Patrakarpuram spotted the accused riding a motorcycle without registration number near 12:45 am. he didn’t stop when signalled.

He goes towards Vinay Khand as police followed him and stopped him near Vinay Khand-3 crossing. The police constables enquired him to take off his helmet.

He did not follow remove his helmet and so cops tried to take off his helmet. The suspect takes out a country-made pistol and fired in the air. because it was a residential area, police could not fire back and he escaped.

police tried to follow and nabbed him but he disappeared. police have registered a case against him and the to arrest the accused is on.




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