Burglars looted millions of silver on Expressway near the jivever toll


The incident took place at Yamuna Expressway near Jivever toll burglars comes in the uniform of police, they are six in number, they come in an Innova car with the blue light on top, they stop the car(canter) of courier company, ask for the legal papers and take both the gunner and the driver in their car and drop them near the ITO area Dehli and Stole all the silver.

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Silver of rs 37 lakh belonging to a company of O.P chains and with silver belonging to others was going towards the airport by a canter, contains silver of leading silver traders of Agra, The incident is from April 3.

 From the office of the Beau Dart Coreier located in Sanjay Place, the Fisher Cantor carriageway left for the airport. About 12 knots in the cart were silver pajibs Tajani had three main silver traders goods. The train was to leave the parcel airport. The car owner Kuldeep Singh filed the complaint in the Jawar police station on April 4.

Police told that Sitapur resident driver Amit Kumar and gunman Satyavir (Malpura) were in the car. The driver called him from Delhi in the evening. Told that a dressed up driver stopped the car after the yellow toll crossing. The police were sitting in the Innova car.Checked their papers. He then told them that the paper is fake.

The driver and the gunman got in the car with him. Leave driver and gunman on the road near ITO intersection.Crooks disappeared by car His car was found unaccounted for in Khirjabad in Delhi. The goods kept in it were missing.the incident information was immediately given in Delhi, Delhi Police asked to file a complaint in Noida.

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