Burglars have broken into two locked houses at Shabad


HYDERABAD: Thieves have come into two locked houses at Shabad recently and fled with gold and other ornaments when the peoples were away on a pilgrimage.

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According to The victims said we not sure of the proper value of the stuff stolen but police suspect that it could be massive. As an inter-state gang, they have an i20 car was involved in a series of crimes in June, cops have notified all bordering check-posts to any such vehicle.

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Police, 2 brothers made flats in a new venture on the outskirts of Nagarguda. They wanted to sell flats but finding no purchasers, so they rented flats. One Pavan Kumar, a real estate businessman, rented 1 flat and 1 Satyanarayana, a textile merchant, the other.

On 4th of Jul, Satyanarayana’s family went to Tirupati. Pavan, the occupant of another flat, dropped his wife his sister’s residence in the city and went on a trip to Srisailam with his friends on the evening of 6 July. on Sunday He returned residence and found the lock of the door broken and the ornaments and cash missing. He informed the police who visited the spot and found that the neighbouring flat had also been robbed.

There is no clearness on the stuff lost. Once the family come back and assess the loss, police can make an estimate

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