Brave Lady Foils Chain Snatching Bid


Bhubaneswar: A brave woman detained a chain snatcher single-handedly. This incident occurred on Saturday at GGP Colony in Rasulgarh area. The Bhubaneswar–Cuttack Police Commissionerate has decided to felicitate the woman for her heroism.

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Chain snatching has become common in these cities. While most people don’t know what to do in such a condition, one Abhijita Mahapatra from Macheswar area kept her peaceful and handled the whole occurrence with utmost gutso.

Abhijita was on her way to market after dropping off her daughter when 2 miscreants on a bike tried to snatch her chain in the excuse of asking for directions. While snatching, 1 of them lost his balance and fell off his bike.  Abhijita instantly held onto him with his collar and called for help. People rushed to help and the criminals were handed to the Police.

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