Another strike by ‘Chaddi Baniyan’ gang stole gold and silver ornaments weighing 10 tolas


Members of the notorious ‘Chaddi Gang’ struck at a flat of a US-based IT professional in Meerpet and stole 10 tolas of gold in the hours of Jan 10, 2018.

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The police said that a gang of more than eight persons broke into a house at Agricultural Colony in Meerpet and stole gold and silver ornaments which are about 10 tolas.

Two accused also locked the watchman’s room and stood guard over there.

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The police also said that the burglars locked the doors of all neighboring flats from outside before committing crime at 12.50 three members who only wear inner wears entered in apartment in Agricultural Colony of Meerpet (flat no.301) The owner of 301,  a TCS employee, went to Florida three months ago for work and since then, his residence was locked the offenders break the main door and entered in the flat and stole gold by breaking the safe.

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Chandramohan Reddy, who lives in a flat below residence, woke up on hearing the noise and checked his door looked then called the watchman to see what was happening. But the watchman is locked but come out from window and criminals throw stones at him by this the other residence also woke up and raised the alarm by hearing alarm gang flies away CLUES Team collected fingerprints from the crime scene.

When CCTV footage was checked, it clearly showed a group of men walking in the night, with just their innerwear

Some residents started searching for the offenders and saw a car (AP 09 CP 4061) suddenly speeding away.

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