85 kg of silver seized by RPF team, one arrested – Dhanbad


Dhanbad: Dhanbad RPF team has detained a person with 85 kg of silver during the condensation checking campaign.

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In the interrogation of the accused, accused told that- “brought silver from Mathura and planted it in Dhanbad, Katras and Jharia markets”.The value of the seized silver is about Rs 35 lakhs.

Four bags seized from accused in the first bag 16 packets of silver found, in the 2nd bag there are 6 packets of silver, in third bag 8 packs Similarly, in a fourth bag, four packets were of silver. silver anklets and other jewellery are contained in packs.

The accused is a resident of Mathura When such a huge quantity of silver was recovered, he was unable to give the papers. in view of the August 15 and Savan, condensation checking is being done in all the platforms of Dhanbad Station and in every moving trains.

In that order, the RPF force was found to be landing with a heavy bag from Agra Kent – Howrah train. On the basis of suspicion, the officials started searching for the bag, in which a huge amount of silver was recovered.

After the interrogation, the information was given to the Sales Tax Department.  The tax officer said that the seized silver jewellery is not theft. They have Bill of Neelam Jewelers shop Mathura. But the whole document does not have EV bills, so the whole case is made of GST theft.

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