6 held in connection with robbery


New Delhi – 6 people, including 2 women, were detained in connection with a robbery at residence of a senior bureaucrat in Delhi, police said Saturday.

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Those detained were identified as 38-year-old Ajay Muthu,36-year-old Gudiya,28-year-old Handrew Perera,32-year-old Anu Perera,36-year-old Sabbir Ali and 49-year-old Anand Kumar Verma, they said.

On Tuesday, the police department received info regarding a robbery in house of a senior bureaucrat in New Moti Bagh area.

They scanned CCTV cameras of area and zeroed in on a car which had the fake number plate.

“However, police department got an info and they detained Handrew from Vasant Village on Wednesday. The car was also recovered.

During examination, Handrew said that his brother-in- law named Ajay Muthu earlier used to live in servant quarters of residence of a senior bureaucrat in New Moti Bagh and his wife named Gudiya worked as maid in other residence.

Gudiya used to gathered info about flats of senior diplomats which were locked and he used to target them.

On Tuesday, Muthu, Handrew and Ali, who is brother of Gudiya, found locked residence in New Moti Bagh area and arrived inside after breaking windows.

They stole all precious gold and diamond ornaments and fled.

Later, Muthu, Ali, Gudia and Handrew’s wife Anu were also detained and some jewelry was seized from them.

During the questioning, they said that they have sold most of it to jeweler named Anand Verma. He was detained from Vasant Village and some more jewelry was seized from him.

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