6.46 kg smuggled gold seized in Hyderabad

6.46 kg smuggled gold seized in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: Gold evaluating total over 6 kg and valued at Rs 2.17 crore was held in custody from 14 passengers who arrived from a gulf nation after performing Umrah, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) said on Wednesday.

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The total weight of the foreign gold recovered and seized under Customs Act, 1962, is 6.46 kg worth around 2.17 crore, it informed.

Explaining it the investigators told that the economically disadvantaged group of people who wanted to perform Umrah (pilgrimage) in Saudi Arabia were tempted by agents, who sponsored their trip cost.

While returning from the journey, the passengers were asked to carry gold, which would be collected by someone on the instructions of the agents.

Innocent pilgrims were blackmailed by agents in Saudi Arabia with consequences of penalty or recovery of full charge of Umrah if they do not act as per instructions.

These 14 passengers are residents of Hyderabad who had arrived by a Saudi Airlines Flight from Jeddah on July 2, the release said adding that after which they were detained.

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