5 arrested for chain snatching, vehicle thefts cases in Rajkot

Man held for snatchings, robberies in delhi

RAJKOT: On Monday 5 persons were detained for chain snatching and vehicle theft in Rajkot.

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Police said suspect, 36-year-old Shakti Solanki, 31-year-old Gautam Shingala, 38-year-old Ramesh Parmar,32-year-old Vijay Parmar and 29-year-old Mahesh Bedania, were involved in as many as 9 cases of chain snatching and 2 cases of vehicle thefts in past one and the half month.

“While Shingala and Solanki used to snatch gold made chains from women, Vijay, Ramesh and Bedania, who functioned as labourers in the Soni Bazaar, would melt snatched gold chains and turn them into the gold plates and sell them in the Soni Bazaar. They have also revealed names of traders who bought the gold plates from them,” said, Rajkot deputy commissioner of police.

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