38-year-old maid arrested with 170gms of gold ornaments


Bangalore:  Koramangala police arrested a maid who has looted gold ornaments from her employer’s house after replacing them with fake ones on Friday.

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The accused, identified as Shanthi(38), a resident of Thimmaiah Road in Shivajinagar, was arrested earlier for a similar offence. She works as a maid in upmarket houses and would win the confidence of her employers.  She would regularly get access to rooms where ornaments are kept.

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After taking pictures of them on her mobile phone, she would get an identical made. The next phase would be to replace the original with the fake and would later sell it, with the money she earns.

The police said she looted valuables from three different places. She would visit houses, gyms and commercial establishments on the pretext of seeking work. She did not find anyone inside, she would steal valuables and escaped. The police recovered 170 grams of gold ornaments worth about Rs 5 lakh from the accused.

Police said that the Shanthi’s first husband died. She recently came in touch with a person known as Ravi from Andhra Pradesh.  After being in a dating for a while, the two married. The role of her second husband is also being determined,



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