3500 kg silver and 200 kg of gold jewellery caught


Jaipur- The Investigation Branch of the Income Tax Department has caught 200 kg gold jewellery and 3500 kg silver jewellery on Sanganer Air Cargo Tuesday afternoon.

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Their worth is estimated to be worth 76 crores. These include the gold market value of 60 crores and silver of 16 crores. this jewellery belonged to any exhibition and reached Jaipur from Mumbai.

five names related to this jewellery have come up. By late night these five were being contacted. Everyone was asked to present the document.

According to the department, this jewellery has been delivered in the name of a jeweller from Bapu Nagar, Savitri Path. That jeweller has a jewellery showroom and finance office in Bapu Nagar.

The department has started the survey work on the business establishments of this jeweller. this jewellery belonged to any exhibition and reached. So it was not seized. But taken into custody.

The department is investigating whether jewellery related to jewellery has shown it in its books, Upon receipt of the document, further action will be decided. Action was stirred by jewellery traders.

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