15-Year-Old Snatches Golden Necklace in Janiganj; Gets Caught


In a shocking turn of affairs, a 15-year-old tried to snatch a golden necklace from a lady’s neck in Janiganj, Silchar.

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At 3:00 PM today, on a busy road like Janiganj, a 15-year-old snatched a golden necklace from a lady’s neck and tried to run away. Locals saw the lady screaming in the middle of the road and a young boy running in order to escape. They immediately understood there is something suspicious and so they started chasing the boy. The boy got scared and threw the necklace in the middle of the road and entered Swaroopa complex premises.

Meanwhile, Police officials who were patrolling the area also joined the local residents and started searching for the boy. Eventually, Police found the boy hidden in a toilet located on the 3-rd. floor of the building.

Police took him to Silchar Sadar Police station. The boy identified himself as Ripon Hussain Laskar and said he is a resident of Madhur band area. He also said he has 2 more partners and all 3 of them snatch necklaces and other valuables from people.

Police is still questioning him and investigating into the matter.

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