13-year-old boy chases, helps nab chain snatcher

2 chain-snatchers arrested near Chennai

Delhi: 13-year-old boy chased and aided nab a thief who had snatched his mother’s chain, On Monday evening, the accused had snatched lady’s gold chain outside the school in east Delhi’s Mayur Vihar.

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The 13-year-old boy was recognized as Supriyo Pal and snatcher was recognized as Hari Om. Supriyo lives with his parents in Mayur Vihar and is a Class 7 student.

The event took place on Monday, he and his mother, Suvra Pal, walked out to local market for shopping. While returning residence, mother-son duo was walking past a school in the neighborhood, when a person approached Pal and snatched her chain. After this, he began running towards his motorcycle on which his subordinate was waiting for him.

But Pal, with help of passers-by, pinned down Hari Om till police arrived at spot. Om’s assistant initially managed to flee but was later caught. police said they interrogated Om and recognized his associate as Akbar, who was later arrested.

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