1.54 kg gold worth Rs 48.66 lakh seized at Kempegowda International Airport (KIA)  


Bengaluru: customs officials seized 3 kg drugs worth Rs 15 lakh and 1.54 kg gold worth Rs 48.66 lakh from the passengers in separate incidents in the past one week.

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A passenger Kalsikatte Mohammad Sheikh from Mangaluru and travelling to Doha, was arrested at the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) while allegedly trying to smuggle 3 kg of hashish.

On suspicious, customs officials checked passenger baggage. The bag was exposed to a detailed inspection, which exposed the presence of illegal imports drug hidden in an Insulating material. Kalsikatte was arrested and a case has been registered against him.

On June 24, a passenger Vijay Hanjarlmallain arrived at KIA from Bangkok and was arrested for allegedly smuggling gold.

During the luggage checking, customs found four pieces of gold bars, weighing 400 grams and worth Rs 12.62 lakh, were recovered hidden in the handbag.

In the second case, on June 25 a passenger Husmi Mubarak Mohideen Nisar arrived at KIA from Colombo, was arrested for smuggling gold.

A body search exposed that Nisar exposed that six pieces of gold, weighing 260.71 gm and worth Rs 8.23 Lakh, were hidden in the passenger’s rectum.

In the third case, on June 26 four cases of gold smuggling were registered.

In three cases the passengers had arrived from Dubai by the same flight and all three of them arrived from Kadapa.

A passenger Shaik Abdul Munaf was arrested for smuggling gold items weighing 290.64 grams and worth Rs 9.18 Lakh, hidden in a handbag.

The second passenger, Ismail Jabibula Shaik, was arrested for smuggling a gold anklet, weighing 175.50 grams and worth Rs. 5.55 Lakh hidden under the pants below the knee.

The third passenger Shaik Hassan Basha was arrested for   smuggling two gold biscuits weighing 233.28 grams, valued at Rs 7.37 Lakh, hidden in his inner pant pockets

In the fourth incident, a traveller Bandula Vijeweera arrived at KIA from Colombo, was arrested for smuggling gold. During body search it was found that he had hidden gold, weighing 188.80 grams and worth Rs 5.71 Lakh, in his rectum.









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