Jay Ganesh Temple is situated near malvan city. Jay Ganesh Temple was built by Shri Jayant Salgaonkar, a well-known fortune teller and maker of “Kal Nirnay” calendar.

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Jay Ganesh Temple is a very beautiful temple with welcoming two elephant images, beautiful carvings, marble designs and a golden idol of Ganesh with Riddhi Siddhi.

The presiding God in the temple is Lord Ganesha, much revered Elephant God of Maharashtra.

The idol is made of pure gold. This main idol in the temple is in the traditional pose with Riddhi- Siddhi (consorts of Lord) on both sides

Siddhi is holding Dhol (Indian traditional drumming instrument) and sword in her hand while Riddhi has paper and pen in her hands.

The inside of the temple is very rich and has used soothing colours

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