Guinness World Records has officially confirmed that the reputable cosmetic dentist has created the world’s Most valuable grill.

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Encrusted with precious gemstones and diamonds. it’s no wonder that the elaborate grill is worth a hefty $1,000,000 (£758,388).

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Dr Dorfman is known for his appearances on the TV show Extreme Makeover, designed the sparkling dental accessory with the help of DaVinci Labs and XVI Karat Jewelers.

the most shocking look is Katy Perry’s precious stone crusted grill that looks as she sparkles and glittery smile. The giant purple, blue, clear stones appear to be attached to her teeth in an uneven style.

This stunning grill may be a bit flashy to wear on every day, but it fits just right in Katy Perry’s extravagant music video for success single “Dark Horse”, for which it was intended.


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