Swiss jeweller La Maison Shawish’s top-of-the-line, the emerald-coated case will set $36,900. Magic Mushrooms, the drive is shaped in the form of a mushroom that is covered with precious stones.

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Created with an expensive blend of white gold, yellow gold, pink diamonds, white diamonds and various other gems, this could be the most expensive 32GB USB flash drive in the world. The 9 carats of pink stones dotted with diamonds will run $16,500, a 10-carat red ruby costs $24,400.

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If the $37,000 Magic Mushroom is too expensive for you, don’t worry you can buy the “cheaper” version made with less expensive diamonds for $16,500.

The Magic Mushroom line of ultra-premium USB drives are available in red ruby, pink ruby, and emerald varieties. You will find a full range of mushrooms, decked in various stones like rubies, emeralds, diamonds and sapphires


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