A “heritage in bloom” is one of the most expensive and stunning pieces of jewelry ever made.

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This luxury piece has a total 383.4-carat diamond and jade necklace was created by Hong Kong jeweler Chow Tai Fook who enlisted the legendary talents of jewelry artist Wallace Chan to create this masterpiece that is estimated to be worth about $ 200 million.

This piece is studded with 11,551 diamonds, including all 24 colorless and internally perfect stones cut by Chow Tai Fook from the Cullinan Heritage stone.

Its 104-carat diamond middle piece is cut from the 507.55-carat Cullinan Heritage rough diamond that Chow Tai Fook bought in a 2010 auction for $ 35 million. All the other resources were carefully chosen to meet the highest standards of quality.

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These include 19 more flawlessly colorless and internally flawless diamonds, almost 600 pink diamonds, 114 icy green jadeites, and 72 white mutton fat jades. A team of 22 craftsmen worked for over 47,000 hours(11months) to create this masterpiece.

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